The Embodied Pregnancy Journal

By Zoë Etkin


Prepare for birth and mothering, body-mind-spirit, through writing and embodiment practices in this unique pregnancy journal.


Navigate each trimester (including the 4th/ early postpartum) with writing prompts, affirmations, and self care tips that emphasize the connection between you and your baby, you and your body, and you and your sexuality. 

This book is no longer in print. Stay tuned for a new iteration of Embodied Pregnancy in 2020.

Cetacea Vaginae

By Zoë Etkin

Another New Calligraphy Press


In a world just beginning to acknowledge the burden its women carry, Zoë Etkin looks to her sisters of the sea for inspiration in celebrating one’s scale. Her Cetacea Vaginae considers the magnitude of its eponymous animal and calls upon females to revere their own body and the life it supports, their sexuality and the power it holds. Honoring her anatomic proportions and carnal satisfaction, Etkin pushes back against the inherent repression of our purportedly modern society. In its sensual assertiveness, her work confirms the power of simply filling the space others aim to seize. As Another New Calligraphy’s fiftieth release, it is a triumph twice over.


Click here to purchase on the press's website.

The Birth & Death of Girl

By Zoë Etkin

Spuyten Duyvil Press

"Zoë Etkin’s The Birth & Death of Girl explores the sacred cycle of life, death, surrender, & return—& she names it: motherhood. But Etkin is not interested in the dualistic or linear definitions that this word typically connotes. No, The Birth & Death of Girl breaks open this word, this role, so that the text becomes a matrilineal excavation of the divine; the entanglement of the feminine, the embodiment of spiritual & physical existence, as a map of trauma." 

~Shawnie Hamer


"What is the predominant feeling in Etkin’s The Birth and Death of Girl? So familiar I feel—along with her. Is it because I have a female form? Because I believe in mythos oriented around female (r)elations? ('We are a linked chain of matter and spirit.') A spectrum of passions moans the cycle forward. Toward. Toward what? Birth. Whose birth? Hers. The fixation: hers. ('Women are closer to the earth—in myth, in history, and in gravity.') A kind of light makes itself obvious when 'birth, sex, and death, are the same violent orgasm.'"

~j/j hastain



Click here to purchase on Spuyten Duyvil's Website.

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Senior Thesis Reading, College of Santa Fe, April 2009


Sumarr Reading Series, Los Angeles, July 10, 2011


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The Birth & Death of Girl Reading and Book Signing, Memphis, June 28, 2018

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