Embodied Pregnancy Coaching

What is Embodied Pregnancy Coaching? This program involves writing, ruminating, connecting to your body and baby, and getting lots of support as you approach the birth of your baby and beyond. I created the Embodied Pregnancy Journal to help women navigate pregnancy, birth and motherhood in embodied and thoughtful ways. Using the journal, we will delve into your inner desires for your motherhood journey, discover ways to connect deeply to your baby (when she's inside you and when she's earthside), and root yourself in the body. To me, an embodied motherhood journey involves acknowledgment of its bodily aspects, writing to and from the body, bonding with your baby, heart to heart, and being conscious about the choices you make and the feelings you have. Being a mama is a big journey--don't do it alone! My coaching will guide you through the joys and mysteries of motherhood.

Please note that there is also a group version of this coaching available at AWAKEN space in Memphis, TN. To learn more, visit the AWAKEN space website: www.awakenspacememphis.com

Coaching Fees

Initial Intake 90 Min: $75.00

Subsequent Meetings 60 Min: $50.00


Each package comes with a complimentary copy of the Embodied Pregnancy Journal. Pair a package with birth and/or postpartum doula services and receive 10% off the total amount.

Interested in Embodied Pregnancy Coaching? Send me a message!

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