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Post-Baby Sex Coaching


Getting back in the groove with your partner after the birth of a new baby can seem like an undertaking. Your body has changed, you've got a newborn to take care of, you're tired, and having sex may be the last thing on your mind. Navigating your relationship feels different too. You're Parents now. What does that mean for The Couple? 

Through a range of modalities, including breath work, embodiment practices, writing, and more, Post-Baby Sex and Relationship Coaching can guide you to reconnect with your partner in fun and satisfying ways. My experience working with postpartum moms has given me a unique lens into the intricacies of the post-baby relationship, and I have supported many moms in their return to sexuality. 

Learn how to:

-Effectively communicate with your partner

-Heal your body safely after childbirth 

-Ignite your own passion and explore your pleasure

-Create time with your partner 

-Choose family planning/birth control

Returning to your sexual and sensual self after giving birth can take time, and I can support you through the journey, giving you the space to explore who you are as a mother and a lover. 





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