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Toddlerhood and early childhood through 7 years of age is a time of immense growth and discovery for young children. They are figuring out the world and how it works, learning to navigate relationships and social norms, finding their place in their family and community, testing their body's potential, embodying creativity, wonder, and primal instinct and freedom. They are naturally uninhibited in their emotional expression and aren't afraid to tell it like it is. Often, their behaviors, particularly those that are "problematic", are misunderstood and thusly punished. Toddler behavior can be extremely frustrating for parents, and it's understandable, but when parents are given tools to better understand and communicate with their child, the whole family thrives. 


In my experience working in early childhood education, and as a mom myself, I take a personalized approach to helping you and your child work through tough situations to find solutions for the challenging moments of parenthood. Drawing from the likes of Dan Siegel, Janet Lansbury, Gerald Newmark, and other experts in the field of gentle parenting, I offer in person coaching and resources to families in Memphis. Learn to understand the reasons behind your child's behavior, how to calmly respond, and how to turn those tantrums into positive, bonding moments. 

Coaching Fees

Interested in Gentle Parenting Support? Send me a message!

Initial Intake 90 Min: $75.00

Subsequent Meetings 60 Min: $50.00

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