Fertility Coaching

You've decided to grow your family, or perhaps you'd like to avoid pregnancy, or you're just interested in learning more about your menstrual cycle. Where do you start? Ovulation test kits? Basal body thermometers? Fertility drugs and procedures? Figuring out what will work for you can be overwhelming. I'm here to help you better understand your cycle, hormones, and fertility signs and symptoms so that you can successfully conceive, avoid pregnancy, or get a richer picture of your reproductive health. 

All fertility coaching includes:

-Menstrual cycle education (the phases, hormones, etc.)

-Signs and symptoms of ovulation (a variety of methods)

-Books and resources to further your knowledge

-Nutritional and herbal support (to verify with your care provider)

-Charting lessons (my methods and others)

-Creating lifestyle changes based on the phases of your cycle

-Vaginal steam and abdominal massage 

-Emotional support 

-Doula-style support at care provider visits (IUI, IVF, etc.)

Whether you're hoping to grow your family, or you're looking for holisticaly-minded ways to avoid pregnancy, fertility coaching can give you insights into your overall health, emotional state, and lifestyle. Learn to listen deeply to your body and nourish her throughout your cycle. 




Interested in Fertility Coaching? Send me a message!

*One-on-one in-person sessions at my office in East Memphis


*Via Skype or phone

Ways to Work Together

90 Minute Intake 

(Required for all new clients)



60 Minute Coaching Sessions


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