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November 7, 2018

Let's be real. These days, many of us are parenting through mental health struggles. Just because we aren't in the postpartum period anymore (although, I argue that it lasts a lot longer than the medical establishment says), doesn't mean that those of us who struggled with postpartum mood disorders don't continue to deal with them into the toddler years and beyond. 

My own postpartum experience was challenging. I had never been...

May 11, 2015


As a doula, I not only help people vision their birth, or thrive through the first few months postpartum, I help people become parents. Seems funny, in a way, since I am not yet a parent myself. I credit my ability to guide people into parenting with the excellent upbringing I received from my own parents. Thanks mom and dad! Were they "perfect"? Of course not. But were they thoughtful, creative, sensitive, articulate, respon...

December 31, 2013

Last night around 4am, as I held a week old baby boy in my arms, a thought came to mind that I shared on Facebook: “Newborn babies speak a language more sophisticated and complex than any other. We are born wise.” I thought about how this baby, brand new to the earth, can communicate his needs so effectively to me. I thought about his immense capacity to absorb information. I watched his hands as they spastically, but curiousl...

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