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December 7, 2015


I haven't used a single tampon in over 8 years. I do not miss them and I have never considered going back. 8 years ago I bought my first menstrual cup. After some research, I decided on the Moon Cup, sold by GladRags. The Moon Cup is a firm-but-flexible, silicone cup: clear in color, belly shaped. It works by collecting menstrual blood and blocking it from coming out of the vagina. A well-placed menstrual cup shouldn't leak,...

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Hi! I'm Zoë

I'm a birth & postpartum

doula, author, and founder

of MAMA CIRCLE & the

Mother Nurture Center in

Memphis, TN. I split my

virtual life between Memphis

& Los Angeles, where I started

my practice. My other big job is being a mama to my daughter June. When I'm not momming, doula-ing, teaching, or writing, I dabble in graphic design. My mission is to highlight fresh perspectives on women's health, pregnancy, birth, motherhood, and beyond. Learn more about me, MAMA CIRCLE, the Mother Nurture Center, and my writing.

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